What our families say

What Our Families Say

Parents’/Carers’ quotes

Our volunteer helped me with strategies around routines including help with bed times and eating. She helped with cooking, supporting me at meetings and making sense of what was being said.”

Volunteer related well as she had a real in depth understanding of my daughter’s additional needs. The support gave my daughter confidence and helped her feel more able to access other service and activities.” 

Volunteer is so kind and caring, different from the others, she makes me feel ok, she listens to me and helps me to tackle my problems together. The children also love her visits.” 

Since volunteer has been visiting our granddaughter we have seen a marked improvement in her behaviour, she has flourished when cooking, reads more and is generally very excited and looks forward to the visits.”

“My son looked forward to the volunteer visits; he enjoyed the physical activities they did together, something that I can’t do due to my long term health problems. It was so beneficial for my son to have a positive male role model.”

 Children’s Feedback

“I liked talking about our lives” (child 13yrs)

“I liked everything we did” (4yrs)

“I liked baking cupcakes” (8yrs child with additional needs)

“I loved spending time with her” (8yrs EAL child)

“I liked shopping, going for walks, talking, baking, tidying, organising” (12yrs)

“We went out on adventures “bug hunting!” she did lots of silly fun things and likes running around with me and reading me stories” (4yrs)

“This business is very helpful to our family; we are very grateful” (13yrs)

“Our volunteer is very nice” (8yrs child with additional needs)

“We had a lovely time it was lovely knowing her” (8yrs EAL child)


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