Aims and Objectives

Service Delivery Priority Objectives

Home-Start Herefordshire is a charity that wants to see a society in which children have the best start in life. Our mission is to provide the support they need to achieve this.

Our Vision

  • Sustain and if possible increase current levels of support.
  • Use the knowledge we gather about our families to influence service delivery by others and ourselves.
  • Reach a countrywide and diverse community including the needs of Syrian refugee families being relocated to Herefordshire
  • Focus on the home/school relationships
  • Maintain strong relationships with other childcare agencies and in particular communications with housing agencies.
  • Reduce the impact of domestic abuse.
  • Review the need and scope for early intervention services.
  • Recruit mentors to support older children and develop a training package.
  • Attract funding to create a grant pot to help enhance each child’s            self -esteem, health and wellbeing.
  • Gain an understanding of the needs of vulnerable adults encountered as part of our work with children.

Our aims

We aim to help families build better lives for their children by recruiting, training and supervising volunteers who offer support, friendship and practical help to families experiencing difficulties. We aim to provide support across the county and to all families referred to us.

The difficulties our families experience are often complex and reflect the issues facing families identified in county research:

  • Challenging and anti-social behaviour.
  • Mental health issues affecting both parents and children.
  • Children in poverty.
  • Domestic abuse.
  • School absenteeism and low academic achievement.
  • substance abuse.
  • Overcrowded housing conditions.

Confidentiality Statement 

Home-Start recognises that the proper use of confidential information underpins our service. All information about parents and families is treated as confidential, to be shared only as necessary in support of the volunteer and to assist the family. Home-Start Herefordshire ensures that personal and operationally sensitive information is maintained confidentially by the scheme.

Any disclosure of confidential information about a family to another person for the purpose of assisting the family is only undertaken with the express permission of the parent/s, except:

  • To protect the welfare of a child or vulnerable adult or
  • In very limited and extremely rare circumstances where a person is suspected of a disclosable offence’ or terrorism.

Home-Starts Herefordshire’s position on confidentiality is made clear to all connected with it.  The Trustees of Home-Start Herefordshire are responsible for ensuring that the requirements of this policy are met throughout the scheme.