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Home-Start believes that children need a happy and secure childhood and that parents play the key role in giving their children a good start in life and helping them to achieve their full potential.

Home-Start Herefordshire is an independent charity which offers support, friendship and practical help to families who are experiencing stress and finding it hard to cope and have at least
one child between 0-19.

Home-Start Herefordshire offers a unique service.  We recruit and train volunteers to visit families at home and offer them informal, friendly and confidential support.

             Generous donation by ‘The Modern Master’           Fine Art Artist Philip Witcomb

Dear Friends and Supporters

We would like to draw your attention to a fabulous donation that has recently been bestowed upon us.       The donation is an oil painting by ‘The Modern Master’ Fine Art Artist, Philip Witcomb.  The value of the Painting is worth approx £7K.

The painting is of – Hay Bluff from Hergest Ridge Herefordshire.  Size 60 x 50 cm

Currently at the office if you are interested in a viewing) the colours are so vivid in real life.

There is a very real reason why Phillip would like us to have this donation.  Phillip is passionate about our charity and wishes when he had had a need for our services that he had been offered it.  He understands what a massive difference we can make to a families in need.

“Many years ago my first wife was dying of cancer; I nursed her for three years at home with our 3 little children to bring up and very little money. I suffered terribly afterwards as I had no help for myself. There were always plenty of nurses and doctors around but I was left to cope on my own. I suffered with very severe depression and ended up in the mental health unit as day patent whilst our children were at school. I don’t want anyone else to go through these things on their own as I had to... We made it through the dark days and we are all still together as a strong family. I have since met and married again. Everyone gets along really well. The children have all grown up happy and healthy with good jobs ect.. I’m ok, but will never forget the hell I went through to keep my family together. “Phillip Witcomb

If you, your company or anyone you know is interested in purchasing the Oil painting Please get in touch with the office  01432 371212 or Myself Alison Jones 01432 371264 ali.homestart@gmail.com. Thank you.

                                                                                                                                 LITTLE did pupils at Lucton School in the seventies know that the son of a notorious Colombian drugs baron was among them.

But then neither did the son, Phillip Witcomb, who did not find out who his real dad was until 1989.

It was in Madrid when Phillip was sat down by his adopted dad and told that his birth father was Pablo Escobar, the wealthiest criminal in history.

Phillip, who is now in his 50s, is currently working on a book which will predominantly focus on how he was taken from his Colombian birth mother and put with an English family and the reasons behind why that happened.

He said this will be a prequel to what happened in the popular Netflix series, Narcos.

He was born in Colombia’s capital Bogota in the early 60s.

Phillip said that although there is no birth certificate, a perfectly normal occurrence in Colombia back then, there is, however, a notarised adoption certificate detailing all of the facts.

Phillip said: “My birth mother was called Maria Luisa Sendoya.

“She was very young when she had me – about 14.

“This also was quite a normal occurrence in Colombia back then.

“My genetic father was a young Escobar (aged 16) and the encounter was brief and non-consensual.

“As the name suggests, he was a member of the infamous family later to become prominent in the Medellin Drugs Cartel.  Click here for the full story

click here to read about  Philip Witcomb                                                    

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