• Wash hands keep washing your hands regularly
  • Cover face wear a face covering in enclosed spaces
  • Make space stay at least 2 metres apart – or 1 metre with a face covering or other precautions


Welcome to Home-Start Herefordshire


Staff are now working back at the office,  taking all the necessary steps to ensure the safety and well-being Of staff, volunteers and all families .

We are currently supporting families and volunteers through this difficult time using a mixture of a few outside visits, social media, telephone, emails and written support ensuring that we can continue to give vital help to as many people as possible. We will be offering more virtual support as appropriate 

 Please continue to use the office telephone number 01432 371212 as this is still accessible and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We are retrieving messages every day.  People can also email us at   homestart.hereford@virgin.net    Again, we will be picking up these messages.

We are still open to referrals for families at this time.

We really appreciate all the support we are being offered, as this is a time when people are most vulnerable and our service is most valued and needed – thank you to all those who offer their time and support to us – it’s amazing! Stay safe everyone and adhere to advice. For yours and everyone’s health, keep your distance.😷


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 Home-Start Herefordshire offers a unique service.  We recruit and train volunteers to visit families at home and offer them informal, friendly and confidential support.
What do we do? A local community network of trained volunteers and expert support helping families with young children through their challenging times. There for parents when they need us the most because childhood can’t wait.
Why do we do it? The earliest years make the biggest impact:        Home-Start make sure those years count so that no child’s future is limited.
How do we do it? No judgement, just compassionate, confidential help and expert support. Starting in the home, our approach is as individual as the people we’re helping. Sharing local expertise to drive national and regional change.
The issue A child’s earliest years are irreplaceable. Without a stable, loving and nurturing environment, a very young child will not develop the vital foundations they need. They will not develop the skills that help with everything from their behaviour, their ability to learn, their confidence or even the some of the most basic things, like being able to go to the toilet by themselves. Once the chance is missed, making up lost ground in later life is difficult, expensive and often just doesn’t happen. Local authorities are so overstretched and funding is sparse across the UK. The lost lives of opportunity are a national failing. A child’s future shouldn’t be blighted before it’s even started